Firmware Updates

How to update firmware?

1. Use the card reader to connect the micro SD card to the computer;
2. Download the compressed file on the computer, right-click the mouse after the download is successful, select "unzip to the current folder", and click to enter the folder
3. Transfer tf_update.img Copy the file (do not unzip) to the micro SD card, and do not put it in any folder
4. Camera power off - > insert micro SD card - > camera power on
5. At this time, the camera "yellow light is always on", which lasts for about 3-5 minutes
6. After the upgrade is successful, the device will automatically start and reconnect.
Note: after the micro SD card is upgraded successfully, the upgrade package name in the card will also be changed to tf_update.img.bak
Please use SD card of 32g and below


Firmware Download

C20 Pro:




EC3 Lite: