IMILAB EC6 Dual 2K WiFi Spotlight Camera

Dual lenses. Double coverage.


IMILAB EC5 2K WiFi Spotlight Camera

360° tracking, day and night.

70 Million Users Trusted for Years
No Monthly Fee Full Flexibility
30-day Money Back Worry-free Purchase
1-year Warranty Extendable

Hello, neighbors!

Let's be real, home security should feel like a warm hug, not a headache! With us, there are no sneaky monthly fees. We offer top-notch multi-tasking security products equipped with built-in advanced features to ensure your home is a safer place.

Outdoor Camera

Indoor Camera

Trusted by 70 million users worldwide.

"Melding a floodlight with a security camera isn’t a new idea, but the IMILAB EC5 Floodlight Camera 2K puts a unique twist on the concept."

"Ultimately, I feel imilab C20 is a good security camera that is a solid choice for home security. It has all the functions I need and more."

"The device itself is well built, the video quality is excellent during the day and during the night and the idea to boost the signal through the hub worked."

We continue to develop the best multi-tasking products.


Built-in Advanced Features

Unlike our competitors, IMILAB is proud to offer built-in advanced features such as motion-triggered siren, flash, and custom voice alerts, all without the need for subscriptions.


Dual Angle Surveillance

IMILAB has developed a dual-angle surveillance technology to have one camera monitor at two angles at the same time.


Custom Voice Alert

Imagine scaring off the thieves using your prerecorded voice message.

Outdoor Camera

Keeps threats away from your family.

The key to outdoor security is keeping threats away from your territory, so your family never has to confront them. We've built motion-triggered smart deterrence (voice, siren, and flash) right into our products. That means you don't have to worry about paying extra for a subscription to protect your family.

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Indoor Camera

Care for your loved ones, even if you aren't there.

Say goodbye to the worry of forgetting to close the door or wondering if your pets are causing chaos at home. IMILAB's indoor cameras offer all the essential features for any household scenario, providing peace of mind wherever you are.

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