Imilab C20 Review: Excellent $35 Security Camera

Imilab C20 Review: Excellent $35 Security Camera

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Imilab C20 Review: Excellent $35 Security Camera


As someone who lives alone, I want to feel safe in my home and stay up to date about what is going on there when I'm away. Finding a good home security camera was the best way to achieve this. I didn't want to spend a lot of money on one, but I understood home security is not a place to compromise. I was excited when Imilab sent me its C20 security camera to review for my home. At just $35, I wondered how well it would perform and provide me with up-to-date information. I was pleasantly surprised to find many advanced features packed into this tiny home security camera for such an affordable price. The C20 camera comes with only a few accessories. Inside the box with the camera unit you'll find a charging cable, an adaptor, an installation pack, and a manual.

Imilab C20 Home Security Camera Design

When you take a look at the C20, it appears to be exceptionally simple in its design. As it turned out, this household security camera is minimalist outwardly, but inside it's packed with many unique features. It also doesn't take up much space and can be hidden in a corner easily.

This is perfect because you don't want your security camera to be conspicuous. The C20 security camera is made of highly durable plastic that is available in white only. This classic color fits in nicely with my home's aesthetic and has gone relatively unnoticed by anyone who has come over.

The camera sits flat and can be placed on a ledge, a windowsill, or another level surface. It has rubber grips on the bottom and can be easily adjusted. It also comes with a mounting bracket if you'd like to mount it to the wall. You can even install it on the ceiling for a higher camera angle.

The Imilab C20 features a speaker in the back, a micro-USB port for power, and a microSD card slot. This means that I no longer need to be concerned about storage space for my home security footage, since I can expand it using a microSD card.

Another thing I liked is that the C20 allows you to see nearly every angle, so you won't miss something going on in the room. It will enable rotation up, down, left, and right; 360-degree viewing on a horizontal plane; and a 105-degree viewing angle vertically. It features a silent motor and shockproof frame for smooth and quiet rotation and monitoring.

Image and Audio Quality

Image quality was one of the more important features for me when searching for a security camera for my home. There has always been a debate over image resolution and video file size when it comes to security cameras. It's imperative to find a good balance between the correct file size and a suitable image resolution. C20 does an excellent job of this.

The C20 records in 1080p high-definition video. I found the image to be accurate and sharp enough to see the things that were happening in my surroundings. Using night vision mode, it continued to record high-quality video even when the surroundings were pitch-black. Having a security camera in your home with night vision is crucial because most thefts happen during the nighttime hours.

Because the resolution of most security cameras is so good now, I don't mind compromising somewhat on image quality if I can get more recorded footage. The C20 home security camera comes with a feature that gives me a smaller file size without sacrificing image quality. Isn't that amazing? I felt like this was a win in my search for a security camera.

In addition to having excellent video quality, this home security camera also has great audio quality. It has the added feature of being able to detect sound with an active alarm system. Utilizing motion detection, the camera is instantly alerted and activates monitoring when it senses people or motion around it.

Imilab C20 speakers allow the transmission of two-way audio so that people in the monitored space can be heard by the person watching. This function enables the C20 camera to be used as a baby monitor or as an intercom. The audio quality using this feature remains decent, although I noticed a delay of a few seconds between when something was said and when it came through.

Pros and Cons

There are so many things to like about this security camera. For instance, night vision and a two-way audio system extend the applications of this device. When traveling with small children, its audio capabilities might make it a good option for a second baby monitor. There is also a possibility of utilizing it to keep track of and communicate with your family pets when you are gone from home during the day.

There are also a few things I wish could be enhanced. It does not come with its own battery and requires a power outlet to be charged. This limits where it can be placed if I'll be away for a long time. The other drawback is that it does not have a built-in memory to record and requires a microSD card to capture footage.

Should You Buy the Imilab C20?

Ultimately, I feel this is a good security camera that is a solid choice for home security. It has all the functions I need and more. The best part is that all these features are available at an affordable price: The Imilab C20 costs only $34.99.

Buy at Amazon https://amzn.to/3aVOjWA