New IMILAB C20 Indoor Camera Combines 360°Panoramic Offers A Wide-Angled View Anytime, Anywhere


The IMILAB C20 indoor camera combines 360-degree panoramic viewing, advanced night vision, sound alarms, and human detection–surpassing competitors and giving customers top of the line home security 24 hours a day. Smart home security and a trusted global provider of smart home security solutions, Imilab was founded in April 2014, and has sold over 20 million security cameras worldwide. In 2021, they are looking to increase market share by improving on their renowned smart home solutions through intelligent design and integrated wireless technology.

Smart Home security market trends like Statista and KBV-Research cite that the global smart home security camera market is expected to reach USD 10.4 billion in 2026, a substantial increase over the previous decade. A number of factors have contributed to the success of the smart home security industry, such as growing concerns about public safety, accelerated urbanization, and low prices. With the return to both work and school, it’s more important than ever to ensure home security needs are being met. Players who embrace technological advancements in big data, IoT, cloud-based services, AI, and deep learning are expected to be market winners in the near future.

Imilab is offering homes, communities, and offices the ability to focus on the places that matter, relying on high performance lenses, wide angle views, and two-way communication to effortlessly virtually check in and interact with your most valuable spaces. With 360-degree, the C20 features a flexible lens that can rotate 360 degrees horizontally and 105 degrees vertically, easily capturing all room angles. Its silent motor and shock proof structure makes it stable and quiet even while rotating. The new IMILAB C20 camera offers premium smart home security for just $33.99. For a limited time, you can get an additional 10% discount when you purchase through our Amazon storefront.

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