IMILAB Donates Smart Security Cameras to Planting Fields Foundation

IMILAB Donates Smart Security Cameras to Planting Fields Foundation

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IMILAB Donates Smart Security Cameras to Planting Fields Foundation to Support Ongoing Landscape and Architectural Preservation



Planting Fields is a 409-acre New York estate located along Long Beach’s gold coast, and is included in the National Register of Historic Places.

Beginning June 2021, global smart home security solutions provider, IMILAB, will be donating 27 of its high-performance EC4 and C20 security cameras to local organizations as a part of its Cultural Preservation Program. The initiative seeks to help protect historical estates and precious artworks with it’s high-performance security cameras.

Planting Fields Foundation, a non-profit organization that supports ongoing landscape and architectural preservation, will be among the first to receive the donation of smart home cameras. Planting Fields is a 1920s 409-acre New York estate located along Long Beach’s gold coast, and is included in the National Register of Historic Places.

As a socially responsible company, IMILAB has been seeking a partnership like this since its inception. “We are honored to be trusted by the Planting Fields Foundation to support its ongoing estate preservation by providing them with our advanced security devices,” said Shay Brown, IMILAB representative.

Located in Oyster Bay, NY, Planting Fields is one of a few surviving estates on Long Island with its original acreage and buildings intact, including Coe Hall, a 65-room Tudor Revival mansion designed by architects Alexander Walker and Leon Gillette. The interior of the house showcases unique artistry and craftsmanship, featuring a distinctly American aesthetic through original ironwork commissioned by Samuel Yellin along with murals painted by artists Robert Winthrop Chanler and Everett Shinn.

“We appreciate the support from IMILAB, and look forward to much deeper co-operations in the near future.” Says Director of Planting Fields Foundation, Maritoni Barnes.

IMILAB’s newly-launched smart home cameras, EC4(coming soon) and C20, are the perfect match for Planting Fields Foundation. The EC4 Spotlight Battery Camera offers unparalleled battery life, motion censoring, and an ultra-clear 2.5k resolution. With an optional solar panel, users who provide their camera with ample sunlight may never have to charge the camera again. 

Traditional wired camera installation is very inconvenient and time-consuming. On the contrary, you need only 1 minutes to install an EC4 wireless solar panel camera , perfectly suitable for old buildings with poor wiring conditions.

Notable features of EC4 include: 

  • Battery & Solar Powered No Need For a Second Charge(The limit is 10 times per day)
  • Get Rid of the False Alarm
  • 2.5k crystal ultra-clear resolution
  • Movement detection with spotlight and alarm integration
  • Weatherproof exterior

The C20 Security Camera offers a 360-degree field of view, 1080P high-definition videos, enhanced night vision, two-way calls, and smart-home integration. C20 moves swiftly and silently while offering crisp, full-coverage views - even in the darkest settings.

Notable features of C20 include:

  • Sound Detection with active alarm: The camera will focus in on odd sounds and send a video to your mobile phone immediately.
  • Works with Amazon Alexa: control the camera with voice commands: “Hey Alexa, show me the living room.”
  • Flexible storage options: save recorded videos on a micro SD card or free cloud.
  • Two-way calls
  • Enhanced night vision
  • 360-degree panoramic views
  • Smart Home Integration

IMILAB is an IoT enterprise that integrates advanced AI algorithms for the most advanced smart home security systems. Due to it’s independent product design and R&D, software and hardware development, artificial intelligence and applications, smart home platform data mining, IMILAB witnessed an inspiring boost in sales performance. Its distribution network covers more than 30 countries with over 30M Sales Volume,150M Active user, 30M APP user, 300K APP daily active. They have delivered 6 million smart devices to the global market in 2020.

About IMILAB Global

IMILAB is proud to be a company that is about so much more than smart home gadgets. Because they understand the value of their properties and the vital need to protect them, they have developed easy-to-use security cameras, offering all the tools to keep people’s families, and loved ones safe. Since April 2014, IMILAB has operated on the belief that security is a fundamental necessity.