New 360° Panoramic-View Smart Camera

New 360° Panoramic-View Smart Camera

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IMILAB Releases New 360° Panoramic-View Smart Camera, the C20.

By GetNews Published February 26, 2021

IMILAB, a global innovator and industry leader in smart-home security and camera solutions, has rolled out a new product, with the Panoramic-View Smart Camera, enhanced night vision, and two-way calling between smart home cameras. It features a 360-degree field of view, 1080P high-definition videos, and smart-home integration, offering all-round, high-quality, at an affordable price. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, more and more American families are considering installing smart security cameras, which has led to increased demand for smart security products. The latest security camera expert, IMILAB, has launched a new camera, the C20, to meet the demand. 

IMILAB C20 has already been available for purchase on its official website for $33.99 per unit.

In January, IMILAB first unwrapped its C-series, C20. Its full features, along with incredibly affordable price, is redefining the era of HD security cameras. The C20 has superior video clarity, panning and tilting capabilities, outstanding night vision, reliable Wi-Fi, full room coverage, and easy installation.

Along with these impressive features, the C20 upgrades the video resolution to sharper 1080P. It allows users to view small objects in incredible detail. Even at night with a much darker backgrounds, the C20’s video is still bright and clear. Coming with 360-degree panning and 105-degree viewing angle, the C20 can quickly move silently and offer full room coverage.

“Hard to believe this technology is so simple and affordable, we’re more than happy to see many inspiring feedback from our C20 users,” said James Lee, IMILAB’s founder and CEO. “We’re not surprised the camera is gaining public recognition. It is gratifying that our hard work paid off. But we do keep looking for ways we can improve, and the best way is to upgrade it into a higher model. We appreciate every one of our customers and media friends sharing what you are experiencing with our new model, and we are eager to hear all our customer’s voices, leave a message or comment in our social media platform and we will get back to you in no time.”

IMILAB is an IoT enterprise that focuses on the smart home. They integrated their advanced deep AI algorithm with their products and services for home security and life. Due to their independent product design and R&D, software and hardware development, artificial intelligence and applications, smart home platform data mining, IMILAB witnessed an inspiring boost in sales performance, its distribution network covers over 30 countries with over 30M Sales Volume,150M Active user, 30M APP user, 300K APP daily active. They have delivered 6 million smart devices to the global market in 2020. 

When being asked why IMILAB is so successful, James answered, “There are enterprises that fall down and rise up anytime in any market. The key to success is corporate values. We believe IoT or smart hardware and smart home is an industry of tomorrow. The goal of IMILAB is to build a security-based smart home platform. Changing life with technology always remains as our ultimate obligation.”

The impressive features of the C20 smart-security camera include: 

360-Degree and 105-Degree Viewing Angles:

  • Coverage over the entire room. See near, far and everything in between without image impairment.
  • Dual-motor pan/tilt supports free rotation in all directions — up, down, left, and right.
  • Silent motor and a shock-proof frame for smooth and quiet monitoring and rotating. 

Detects People:

With advanced AI tech, C20 will immediately notice you who’s coming and going. Just one simple tap to welcome guests or warn an unwanted visitor.

Enhanced Night Vision:

IMILAB’s camera can see things clearly in the darkness, even in a background with no light at all.

1080P HD: watch over the entire home in stunning clarity from day to night.

Simple Installation:

Easy setup within minutes.

Sound Detection and Active Alarm.

When there is an odd sound, the camera will focus on it and send video to your mobile phone.


Works with Amazon Alexa: control the camera with voice commands: “Hey Alexa, show me the living room.”

Flexible Storage Options:

Save recorded videos on a micro SD card or free cloud.


IMILAB is a trusted global provider of smart home security solutions. Founded in April 2014, IMILAB is best known as a leading supplier of smart home security solutions with over 30 million security cameras sold worldwide. Now, we’re continuing to innovate by improving our renowned smart home solutions. Through intelligent design and integrated wireless technology, peace of mind is only a click of a button.

For more information about IMILAB and its products, please visit: