Back to School or Back To Work Busy Parents Rely on Imilab Cameras to Keep Their Kids Safe

Back to School or Back To Work Busy Parents Rely on Imilab Cameras to Keep Their Kids Safe

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Back to School or Back To Work Busy Parents Rely on Imilab Cameras to Keep Their Kids Safe

 By Jhon Dareen 2 weeks agoin EduReading Time: 2 mins read

The new IMILAB C20 indoor camera combines 360-degree panoramic viewing, advanced night vision, sound alarms, and human detection–surpassing competitors and giving customers top of the line home security 24 hours a day. For busy parents, especially moms, this is a dream come true. Silence can be deafening. Nothing is scarier than a quiet toddler. Not only is this a fun gift that allows parents to have an extra “Eye in the Sky” but with IMLAB, you can rely on high performance lenses, wide angle views, and two-way communication to effortlessly virtually check in and interact with your most valuable spaces and precious cargo. A full 360 helps for those sneaky and ornery ones. Not to mention, it’s something that the new “work from home” parent can actually do without worrying during those quiet moments or leaving their work space when toddlers and young children go missing in action (MIA). Simply tell “Alexa” which room to view and it’ll show what’s happening around the house. That’s not all. Imilab also offers some other key features such as:

  • 360-degree Panoramic Viewing-The C20 features a flexible lens that can rotate 360 degrees horizontally and 105 degrees vertically, easily capturing all room angles. Its silent motor and shock proof structure makes it stable and quiet even while rotating.
  • Avoid the “False Alarm Effect”Many customers complain about the “false alarm effect,” where cameras inaccurately capture “intruders” instead of recognizing homeowners and pets. IMILAB developed a proprietary AI intelligent face recognition system that dynamically identifies common human shapes, dramatically reducing false alarms for pets and vehicles.
  • Free 7-day Circular Cloud Storage-While most brands require users to pay extra for enhanced video quality, the C20 offers 1080p high-definition video, free 7-day circular cloud storage, and local SD card back-up.
  • Advanced Audio Functions-The C20 can distinguish between the alarming sounds of glass breaking and non threatening sounds, such as a baby’s cry and the sound of your pet. A notification is sent instantaneously to your phone upon detection, allowing you to access live video easily from the app or direct two-way calling for immediate communication.
  • Affordable High Quality-It doesn’t matter whether you live to feel secure; the new IMILAB C20 camera offers premium smart home security for just $33.99. For a limited time, you can get an additional 10% discount when you purchase through our Amazon storefront.
  • Night Vision: See Details in the Dark-Get clear night vision even in the darkest conditions with the C20’s 1080p 2 megapixel high-definition sensors. Like creatures of the night, the C20 can be hung upside down with an automatically adjusted picture and 360 degree panoramic views.

As the workforce continues to transition both back to school and back to work, Imilab offers peace of mind with security options that allow you to always “keep an eye out” on your precious loved ones. Take a look at the latest 360-panoramic C20 video to learn more.