IMILAB C20 Indoor 360°Panoramic Camera Offers Top of Line Home Security 24/7

IMILAB C20 Indoor 360°Panoramic Camera Offers Top of Line Home Security 24/7

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IMILAB C20 Indoor 360°Panoramic Camera Offers Top of Line Home Security 24/7

By Toufique Ahmed -July 6, 2021

Players who embrace technological advancements in big data, IoT, cloud-based services, AI, and deep learning are expected to be market winners in the near future. One such smart home security brand is IMILAB, a trusted global provider of smart home security solutions. Offering its staple product, the C20 indoor camera, it combines 360-degree panoramic viewing with advanced night vision and human detection that prevents the “False Alarm Effect” that may give unnecessary anxiety. Many customers complain about the “false alarm effect,” where cameras inaccurately capture “intruders” instead of recognizing homeowners and pets. IMILAB took it upon themselves and solved this problem by developing a proprietary AI intelligent face recognition system that dynamically identifies common human shapes, dramatically reducing false alarms for pets and vehicles.

Founded in April 2014, and having sold over 20 million security cameras worldwide, Imilab is looking to increase market share by improving on their renowned smart home solutions through intelligent design and integrated wireless technology. Smart Home security market trend expect smart home security camera market is expected to continually see substantial increase.

IMLAB harnessed their knowledge of customers’ needs and performed extensive market research to develop the IMILAB C20 to be one of the strongest products on the market. IMILAB aims to be more than a market leader in smart home security solutions. “Our goal is to pioneer the best smart home technologies through constant research and innovation. We are constantly developing new products that protect, inspire, connect, and integrate seamlessly into the lives of our customers,” says an IMILAB spokesperson.

Additional advanced audio functions of the The C20 can distinguish between the alarming sounds of glass breaking and non threatening sounds, such as a baby’s cry and the sound of your pet. A notification is sent instantaneously to your phone upon detection, allowing you to access live video easily from the app or direct two-way calling for immediate communication.

Imilab Night Vision functions also allow details to be seen in the dark. Customers can get clear night vision even in the darkest conditions with the C20’s 1080p 2 megapixel high-definition sensors. Like creatures of the night, the C20 can be hung upside down with an automatically adjusted picture and 360 degree panoramic views.

The new IMILAB C20 camera offers premium smart home security for just $33.99. For a limited time, you can get an additional 10% discount when you purchase through our Amazon storefront.

Learn More About IMILAB by visiting www.imilabglobal.com.