Something Special For Mother’s Day

Something Special For Mother’s Day

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Something Special For Mother’s Day

 By Aniesia

IMILAB C20 Indoor Camera

The new IMILAB C20 indoor camera combines 360-degree panoramic viewing, advanced night vision, sound alarms, and human detection--surpassing competitors and giving customers top of the line home security 24 hours a day. Let’s be real, Mom’s may seem to have “eyes in the back of their heads” but it doesn’t hurt to have that extra “Eye in the Sky.” So that extra 5-10 minute hot shower, those 10 minutes that Mom wants to sneak away to indulge in their favorite chocolate or wines and even those eery silent moments which can be a scary type of silence allows Mom to know what’s going on at all times in their homes without panicking. Not only is this a cool gift for both indoor and outdoor use but with IMLAB, you can rely on our high performance lenses, wide angle views, and two-way communication to effortlessly virtually check in and interact with your most valuable spaces and precious cargo.