IMILAB AI Camera EC4 is Winner

IMILAB AI Camera EC4 is Winner

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IMILAB AI Camera EC4 is Winner in Security, Safety and Surveillance Products Design Category, 2020 - 2021



AI Camera

Due to the epidemic, people need to protect themselves better by minimizing contact with others. We’re intended to design a camera that can identify people, pets and couriers, and can use mobile phone to view the situation in gardens and doorways. Reduce the risk of being infected by going out. We hope to design a very intelligent camera The camera AI recognition function can determine the people and animals in the area being photographed, and notify the user by SMS. The user can also set the warning mode to use sound and light to expel bad guys. l Of course, you can also use the camera to talk to your children and pets in two ways to increase the feelings of the batch.

It has minimalist rounded appearance design and can blend well into the installation environment. The built-in AI algorithm enables it to recognize human shape and pets. By adopting new universal shaft base, it solves the loosening problem after use of traditional universal shaft.

When using it for the first time, please scan the QR code at the bottom of the body with your mobile phone to connect. Once connected, you can view the camera screen through your mobile phone PROJECT DURATION AND LOCATION: The project started in June 2020 in Shanghai and finished in April 2021 in Shanghai,

Since the camera is used outdoors, it is made of high performance antioxidant plastic. The surface of the camera body is polished for easy dust cleaning. The fully sealed body is IP65 rated waterproof, allowing it to work in harsh environments from -30 degree Celsius to 60 degree Celsius. Built-in high-density recyclable lithium battery can be used for 6-9 months on a single charge.

Width 51mm x Depth 133.8mm x Height 82.2mm

camera, AI, HDR, battery

RESEARCH ABSTRACT: Analyzed and studied the product in different application scenarios, optimized the installation and disassembly structure of the product in the wall-mounted mode, and verified the product with multiple 3D printed rapid prototypes, modified the operation method and adjusted the size of the product in accordance with the study of the size of handheld products (tools) in human factors engineering, and finally integrated the most suitable product solution in several design directions.

The main part of the camera body is made of unequal thickness plastic. This is very rare in plastic products and requires stringent production quality. It increases the difficulty of mass production and manufacturing cost.

2021-02-25 11:59:00

Yajun Wang, Maofeng Kao and Kaining Li

Yajun Wang and Maofeng Kao, 2020.

China design patent number:202030565033.7


Shanghai Imilab Technology Co., Ltd.

IMILAB is not just a company focused on smart home gadgets. They are parents and family members, business owners, and homeowners. They understand the value of our properties and the vital need to protect them, they developed easy-to-use security cameras, offering all the tools needed to keep users‘ loved ones and guests safe. Established in April 2014, IMILAB do this with the understanding that security is not a product but a fundamental necessity. IMILAB is also a major smart security technology provider for Samsung and Xiaomi. They aim to redefine a more secure life. Their mission is simple: We want to keep your family, property, and neighborhood safe. They're also passionate about providing customers access to high-quality, smart home products at affordable prices. They started IMILAB to build a more secure home with wisdom as the starting point, based on high-tech enterprises in the field of smart homes. IMILAB work with their partners to make the latest technology that serves every family and creates a happy home life.


Imilab Ai Camera by Yajun Wang and Maofeng Kao is Winner in Security, Safety and Surveillance Products Design Category, 2020 - 2021.